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Tupu Tonu – Ngāpuhi Investment Fund Limited has been established by the Crown as part of the Crown’s efforts to restore its relationship with ngā hapū o Ngāpuhi and its commitment to help the iwi meet their economic aspirations for the future.

Its purpose is to establish and manage an investment portfolio that can support any future agreements the Crown may make regarding the historical Treaty of Waitangi grievances of Ngāpuhi, by acquiring and growing a portfolio that will be offered by the Crown in negotiations with ngā hapū.

Tupu Tonu is a commercial investor, and as such is required take a best practice approach to investment management.

The company was incorporated in December 2020 and is currently in its establishment phase.


Tupu Tonu

Tupu Tonu is the trading name for Ngāpuhi Investment Fund Limited. In simple terms the two words roughly translate as ‘prosperity in perpetuity’, but they mean much more than that.

Tupu is a derivative of Tupuna: the foundation of whakapapa, the roots of growth and ‘standing up’. We are about growth, but not just for its own sake, but in order to provide opportunities for the people. In the context of the fund, given it has a focus on acquiring footprint assets in the Ngāpuhi rohe, this Tupu well-spring speaks also to the land, to Papatūānuku, on which all living things depend. 

One of the titles by which Ngāpuhi is known is Ngāpuhi-nui-tonu, or everlasting Ngāpuhi, Tonu speaks of continuity and stability. It also speaks to the intergenerational nature of our investment strategy, of our hope that this fund will one day help provide for future generations, and that Ngāpuhi will be a prosperous iwi in the 2030s, the 2040s and in 2121.

Through our mahi, we aspire to endow Tupu Tonu with meaning and resonance over time.



Tupu Tonu is in the process of developing its investment strategy. Nonetheless, we welcome you to raise potential commercial investment opportunities in the Ngāpuhi rohe.


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The company is required to take a best practice approach to investment management. It must also operate as a responsible investor, and the Board will develop policies to give effect to this over the coming months. 


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